Vacate :: Love For The Sack Lifting Hook

As the year nears its end the influenza illness inflicts itself widely. The poet is not immune to such infection. Indeed he is struck a substantial blow which puts him ill at ease.

Fortunately, before the need to become bed-ridden, he had prepared some work to develop. 

Comings and goings had been coming and going; giving the reason, giving the motive, giving the concept for the writing.

Workshops and Café sittings had been the order of the days, and the nights; giving the rationale, giving the structure, giving the content for the writing.

Dreams and visitations had been dreamt and visited; giving the subconscious, giving the ghosts, giving the ethereal for the writing.

Fortunately, before the need to become morbid, he had found a way to revitalise himself.

I hope the poetry finds you in good health.

Vacate - Love For The Sack Lifting Hook

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