Six Months of Orange and White Soaked in Musk

I have always had a soft spot for writing paper and writing pens for these are just some of the pleasures and privileges allowed for those engaged in writing

Imagine my pleasure then when those fine people at Cult Pens introduced me to the Staedtler 308 Pigment Liner Pen and the Rhodia Head-Stapled Notepad No.18 A4 (210 x 297) Orange Plain

The plain paper is super smooth entirely unobtrusive

The pen glides as the finger would on a glass touchpad

The combination of the effortless though large pen strokes over the easy flowing paper produced a form of writing without form that is without the barriers of time or space

In just six months these new poems came into being

All came with their titles ahead of them

All followed a purpose that never was sure nor clear

And because I so enjoyed the playfulness of this way I determined to dispatch the punctuation to the scrap heap

That is other than the line breaks

The only rule was one page one poem one day at a time

Bandcamp Cover

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