Rain and sun and rain and sun and :: Love of Seedlings in Flight

If you have been to the Outer Hebrides you will be lucky enough to know of the weather in that locality. You too might well have set out in strong sunlight, only to return entirely soaked to the skin, thanks to the swift atmospheric changes in those parts.

As someone who enjoys counting I was surprised to find myself lose count as to how often in one day it would first be fine, then it would rain, then it would be fine, then it would rain and so on, and so on ad infinitum.

It might well have been ad nauseam too had we not been on vacation, with time to do as we please, time to dry out were we please. Also we were lucky to witness a coach-load of Scandinavian visitors at the stones at Callanish who primed us well for the appropriate garments to wear for these islands.

The poetry is not all of the Islands but they did, and they still do, several years later bear down with quite an influence.

Rain and sun and rain and sun and - Love of seedlings in flight

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