Nameless Places, Hospital Gowns :: Of Love Cared For By Relate

Five or six years ago I spent much time travelling, and the particular spring of these poems I was working in Devon once again. It was a place of a previous disruptive, and significantly destructive, emotional experience. 

The poems pick up on the influence of a mind returning to a space plagued with memories. Laced with the personal frustrations of mishandling the response, to such a return, overflow throughout.

Anger was shown towards ones workplace methodologies, importance was given to things of less than no importance, the poet became caught up in his own abstractions, extrapolations, and mythologies.

Ultimately though peace and contentment were occasionally entertained, nature brought her regenerative forces to bear, smiles appeared, and mischief was welcomed, with a formidable and recuperated northern energy. Places And Hospital Gowns - Love Cared For By Relate 2016

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