Into The Present Decade :: Of Love With Droplets Of Joy

Poetry takes me somewhere. My day job takes me somewhere else. If I am lucky there is a collision. It was this way with Dungeness. Work required me to go there, and to go there again, only two weeks later.

I had bought the book of Derek Jarman’s Garden at Dungeness two Christmases earlier, as a present for a loved one. For a poet I think that could be called subconscious preparation.

The poems are from a very short span of time, the first month of the new year covers their first drafts. The poetry though does goes back, and forth, as frequently as my flibbertigibbet mind allows.

Those words were written in 2012. We still have the book, and I have been back to Dungeness once again, with my day job, which prompted this review.

I hope you care for the work, and that you might be inspired to visit these idiosyncratic quarters.

Into the Present Decade Love with Droplets of Joy 2016

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