A Little Sitting :: Love Of Major Minor Movements

Towards the end of another year; a calendar year that is when the winter season upon us, the season of celebration is upon us, the time for looking backwards and looking forwards is with us; there in our pockets, in our pencils, in our walks, in our holidays, in our times, in our words.

There was a trip to London, which I was told only yesterday that it could feel like a place where you were among giants, when you were from a rural backwater.

That trip was more than counterbalanced by walks in the Lincolnshire countryside, and by timely reflections on the once industrial canals.

These poems are from a couple of years ago, a time when we were still a member of the EEC, though I doubt that politics, nor religion either for that matter, raise their heads too high, over my parapet.

A Little Sitting - Love Of Major Minor Movements

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