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Ordinary Poems :: Of Love Without Pressure

Trickier Poems :: Of Love With Conflicts

Into The Present Decade :: Of Love With Droplets Of Joy

Painted Toenails In Norton’s Grate :: Of Love with Varnish Applied

In And Out Of Dream Space :: Of Love Embellished by Visitations

Rising Shoots And Falling Stars :: Love Caught in the Crossfire

Nameless Places, Hospital Gowns :: Of Love Cared For By Relate

Outline Sketches And Vague Reasoning :: Love Within A Drifting Mind

The Curved Ball Of An Artists Model :: Of Love Encouraged By The Breakout

Filmic: Love of Our World of Purples & Blue

Vagaries: Love of The Key to Room 149

Involuntary Pomp: Love of the Big Man

Rain and sun and rain and sun and - Love of Seedlings in Flight

Upright & Laid Out Love of Cherry Red

Absence of Free Will :: Love of One Person Missing

Emptying The Vessels :: Love Before The End Of The Tax Year

Refilling The Vessels :: Love Into The Next Tax Year

From Turquoise To Purple :: Love From The Beach To The Boudoir

Composed While Driving :: Love of Beds & Brocade

Already Day :: Love of Temptation

Happy Stance :: Love Of The Love Of Liaisons

Vacate :: Love For The Sack Lifting Hook

Timid :: Love Of The Plum

Stratagems :: Love Of Reminder To You

A Little Sitting :: Love Of Major Minor Movements

Upside :: Love Of The One And The Many

Unclothe :: Love Of Being Washed Over

Movements :: Love Of Weak Of A Kind

Springtime in Devon Approaches :: Volume 1

Springtime in Devon Approaches :: Volume 2

Springtime in Devon Approaches :: Volume 3

Springtime in Devon Approaches :: Volume 4

Six Months of Orange and White Soaked in Musk

Big Blue Book :: Love Of Fabric & Skin

Big Blue Book II :: Love Of Salt Marsh & Sky

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